Bondarenko V.I. Forecast evaluation of exploitation conditions of in seam development workings: monograph / V.I. Bondarenko, I.A. Kovalevska, G.A. Symanovych, O.I. Koval, O.V. Vivcharenko. – D.: R&DE «Sys-tem technologies», 2010. – 230 p.



 In the monograph algorithm approach and its implementation modern computer programs for creating prediction method of rock pressure and assessment of the basis of the operating state of reservoir development workings, located in layered massif of weak rocks is given. Built assessment of the working concept, which includes the first comprehensive sustainability analysis of frame mounting, the degree of compliance with the requirements of transport levies, ventilation. Computer simulation of geomechanical processes around the reservoir extraction considering deformation of the material of complete diagrams of each element of the system «rock – lining». A correlation and multivariate analy-sis of variance results of modeling and developed a new method of forecasting movements of any part of the working circuit. The technique of formation evaluation operational status output, examples of calculation and the necessary reference materials. Book can be useful for researchers design and research institutes mining industry, engineering and technical personnel of mines and industrial associations and students of mining universities and faculties.