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      Associate Professor at the Department of Mining Engineering and Education, PhD.

       In 2010, she graduated with honors from the National Mining University and obtained Master’s degree in "Ecology and Environmental Protection". At the same time, she got a diploma of a specialist degree completing evening classes in "Finances". The same year, she entered to the postgraduate courses at the Mining Department. The subject of the research is related to the study of natural gas hydrates and development of the technology of natural gas extraction from gas hydrates deposits. Repeatedly she participated in research efforts related to the study of the process of hydrate formation and analysis of gas hydrates derived under different conditions of formation. In addition, she involved in the development of research methodology of gas hydrates containing environments for modeling processes, which occur in them during hydrating.

     Pluralistically, she worked as a research scientist of contractual (№010180 / 24393 ds, №AD – 394 / 26972 ds, №AD – 404 / 27577 ds) and state budgetary themes (GP – 422, GP – 467, GP – 469) aimed at the studying of gas hydrates transitions and possibility of obtaining synthetic hydrates off methane of degassing wells of mines with the purpose of their supply to consumers.

     She takes part in teaching following subjects "Principles of Management in Mining", "Management and Planning of Coal Enterprises", "Physicochemical Geotechnology", "Materials Sciences" and "Bases of Mining in English". Besides, she prepared lectures in English language for the students of the "Development of Mineral Deposits with the Advanced Study of Professional English" specialization.

      Time and again, she participated in many international conferences both in Ukraine – School of Underground Mining, Hydrate Technologies in Mining, Oil and Gas Business and Geotechnics and abroad – Szkoła Eksploatacji Podziemnej (Poland), World Mining Congress (Canada), Young Petro (Poland).

      Since 2014, she has been a member of the International Relations Group of the Mining Department. She takes a part in preparing students for the competition in mining held in Krakow (Poland) at the Krakow Mining and Metallurgical Academy and All-Ukrainian Competition of students’ scientific works in the field of "Mining".

      She has been a part of the organizing committee of the International Scientific Conference "School of Underground Mining" and editorial board of the collection of research papers of the Balkema publishing house (the Netherlands).

     Total amount of research works is 20 and 5 patents. Appears to be a co-author of the "Basic Concepts of Mining Technology" tutorial that is designed for students of higher educational institutions studying the field of "Mining" with advanced learning of professional English language.

Contacts: 19 Yavornytskoho Ave., building 4, room 57

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