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    Head of the Department, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Honored Master of Sciences and Engineering, Laureate of State Prize in Science and Engineering, Academician of Engineering Academy of Ukraine, the Author of Scientific Discovery "Artificial Diagenesis of Sedimentary Rocks", Honored Professor of the National Mining University, Member of Worldwide Society of Mining Professors.

     He had been studied in Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute n.a. Artem from 1971 to 1976. After finishing graduate designs, he started to work as an assistant, associate professor (since 1982), professor (1990), and since 1994 and up to now is a Head of Mining Department.

From 1993 to 2006 worked as Pro-rector of Research.

    Volodymyr Bondarenko gives lectures on "Basics of Mining" to first-year students and "Mine Design" to five-year students, and "Modern Innovation Technologies of Coal Extraction" to Specialists of Coal Industry on Qualification Upgrading Designs. Since 2012, he annually giving lectures at AGH (Akademia Gorniczo Hurnicza im. Stanislawa Staszica), Krakow, Poland according to the program "Visit Professor". These lectures are very interesting for students because of high-level quality and content of teaching.

    Students always actively participating in scientific research and delivering reports on Industrial, All-Ukrainian and International conferences, workshops and round tables in Ukraine, Poland and Russia under the supervision of Volodymyr Bondarenko.

            Volodymyr Bondarenko pays great attention to quality of mining engineer’s preparing, their professional knowledge in Advanced English, Informational Technologies (IT) and Management in Mining.

    "School od Underground Mining" (SUM) becomes strong from year to year. It consolidates forces of scientists, research and project engineers on modern calls in Ukrainian mining industry. From 2010 to 2014 were held five International SUM.

    Voldymyr Bondarenko is a chief editor of annual scientific-technical collection "Mining of Mineral Deposits". This collection is specialized and published in Ukrainian, Polish and Russian since 2013. In addition, he is an editorial board member of "Naukovyi Visnyk NMU" and "Journal Mining engineering" (Slovenia) that belong to scientometrical base "Scopus".

    Volodymyr Bondarenko represented Ukraine and delivered issue report "Scientific Substantiation of Coal Extraction From Very Thin (0.55 – 0.8 m) Deposits" on World Mining Congress in Istanbul (Turkey), 2011 and Montreal (Canada), 2014.

    Scientific and methodological center (DTEK’s Department) was created on the base of the Mining Department. The main objection of this center is development of proprietary standards on those specialties that are supervised by professor Bondarenko.

    During 2012 professor Bondarenko passed distance designs on upgrading of art of teaching in International Society of Engineering Education Science (Fillah, Austria) and got a certificate "International Engineering Educator "Ing. Paed. IGIP". At the same year he was accepted to World Society of Mining Professors" (the only one from Ukraine).

    He takes part in development of higher education standards as a head of subcommittee from "Mining", Scientific and methodic committee by the division of knowledge 0503 "Mining of Mineral Deposits", Ministry of Educational and Science of Ukraine.

    Since 2009 held position of a head of section "Mining Sciences" of Prydniprovskii Scientific Center of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a member of expert council of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine.

    Volodymyr Bondarenko organized a training process in Advanced English. Mining Department’s staff additionally gives lectures to І – IV years study students with total quantity of 400 hours.

    The most successful students undertake an internship in Austria, Poland and Germany. Students get education under the International Resource University by master’s program of three diplomas: Leoben University (Austria) and Freiberg Bergakademie (Germany). In addition, students participate in exchanging program with AGH with certificate getting.

    His main research activity is directed on scientific and technical issues solving during mining of mineral deposits. The main of them are follows:

-  development of methods and technologies of gas extraction from natural gas hydrates and creation of artificial ones;

- physics and technical basics of energy-saving technology of underground mining of thin and very thin (0.55 – 0.8 m) coal deposits;

- development of technical parameters and technology of underground borehole degasification of coal seams on small depths;

- geomechanics of interaction of system "rock massif – mine working – protection construction" elements .that conducts learning of coal seam parameters impact, rock structure and mechanical properties of above-the-coal strata and mining depth on stress-strain state of all system elements.


    Contacts: 19 Yavornytskoho Ave., building 4, room 56

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