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Kovalevs    Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Laureate of State Award of Ukraine, Academician of Engineering Academy of Ukraine, the Author of scientific discovery "Regularity of Distribution of Acoustic Waves in Upstream Multiphase Stream under Dispersion Flow Structure".

   She had been studying at the Dnipropetrovsk State University in 1985 – 1990. After postgraduation in Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics n.a. M. Polyakov, NAS of Ukraine and job at the Mining Machines Department since 1998 year, she has been working at the Mining Department as an associate professor since 2003, and professor since 2006.

   At the present time, she gives a lecture for students of third and fourth years study on basic discipline "Rock mechanics", "Metrology, Standardization and Certification". For students who are studying in the program of International University of Resources. She gives a lecture design "Modern Geotechnology of Underground Mining".

    Iryna Kovalevska is magister and postgraduate students’ research supervisor. Under her supervision were defended three Ph.D. theses.

    Over the past five years, professor I. Kovalevska published 70 scientific papers, including 5 handbook and text-books, one of which is English-language "Basic Concepts of Mining Technology", 12 monographs.

    She took participation and gave the report on World mining congresses: Istanbul 2011 and Montreal 2013. She visits annually and gives a report on International conference Szkolа Eksploatacij Podzemnej (Krakow) and 2nd International Engineering Education Conference "New trends and Expectations".

    Iryna continues to work as co-organizer of annual International School of Underground Mining. She is a deputy chief editor of specialized scientific and technical collection "Mining of Mineral Deposits" and is a co-author English-language collection of articles "Progressive Technologies of Coal, Coalbed Methane, and Ores Mining" (Netherlands: CRC Press / Balkema).

    During 2012 year, I. Kovalevska completed distance learning of improving of art of teaching in International Society of Engineering Education (Villach, Austria) and got certificate "International Engineering Educator "Ing. Paed. IGIP".

    Iryna Kovalevska takes part in two specialized scientific board in defense of candidate`s and doctoral dissertations of National Mining University on specialty "Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits" and Institute of Geotechnical Mechanics n.a. M. Poliakov NAS of Ukraine on specialty "Geotechnical and mining mechanic engineering".

    Basic scientific activity is focused on:

-  development of methods of prediction rock pressure manifestation and substantiation new constrictions of less resource-demanding supports;

-  computer modeling of stress-strain state system "rock massif – strengthening system – protection system";

-  geomechanics of loading and calculation parameters of support and protection system of development workings.

    Total amount of research works is 255, including 5 handbooks and textbooks, 25 monographs, received 4 certificate of authorship and invention patents, scientific discovery, published abroad 25 scientific articles with high citation ratio in famous publications of Poland, England, Germany, Canada and Russia.

   Contacts: 19 Yavornytskoho Ave., building 4, room 57

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