The Department of Mining Engineering and Education (Underground Mining Department 1900 - september 2019).The era, age, generation changed and today its general membership makes 37 people, including researchers and support staff.

    For years of activity, the Mining Department has prepared more than 21 thousand mining engineers. Graduates of the department work as heads of mining and coal industry of Ukraine and abroad; head research, industry and academic institutions; preparing personnel in higher education institutions for mining and other industries.

    Postgraduates and doctoral students are studying at the Department. Over the past five years through scientific seminar department and specialized scientific council D 08.080.03 were defended 4 doctoral and 18 candidate’s theses.

All academic staff of the department continues to work on those areas that were laid by outstanding scientists – founders of scientific schools: O. Terpygoriev, L. Sheviakov, I. Novosiltsev, M. Protodiakonov, V. Guskov, A. Tsejtlinym, M. Novozhilov, K. Tatomir, Y Nekrasovskyi, B. Lokshin, M. Starikov, V. Kulikov, I. Kiyashko, S. Borysenko, A. Zilberman, V. Rakhutin, O. Kolokolov, O. Savostianov.

   The department has extensive international contacts with research and academic institutions and universities in Poland, Germany, Canada, the USA, Japan and etc. Joint scientific research, student conferences and competitions, academic conferences and symposia on issues of mining, an exchange of students and post-graduates are performed at the Mining Department.

   From 1994 to the present, department is managed by Volodymyr Bondarenko – Doctor of Technical Sciences, State Prize of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, the author of two scientific discoveries.