Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

   He graduated with honors from the Kryvotizskyi Mining College with a degree in “Technology of Open and Underground Mining of Mineral Deposits” (1994) and National Mining Academy of Ukraine with a degree in “Mining of Mineral Deposits” (1999).

 He has production experience as a car mechanic, tractor-bulldozer operator and excavator driver at Pivnichnyi Mining-and-Processing Plant (1988-1989), scraper and vibration installation driver, and mining foreman at the Production Association “Kryvbasrud” (1993). He has military experience in the Security Service of Ukraine (1990-1992). He has public activity as a secretary at the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council of Young Scientists (2003 - 2004) and chairman at Dnipropetrovsk City Council of Young Scientists (2004 - 2011), coordinator of the educational, research and production portal "Rudana" (2007 - 2019).

 He defended his thesis on topic “Substantiation of Rational Parameters of Iron Ore Mining Technology from Coal Pillars” on the specialty 05.15.02 – Underground Mining (2004) and received the academic degree of Associate Professor of the Underground Mining Department (2007).

 He defended his doctoral thesis on topic “Geoenergetic Foundations of Mining of Ore Deposits” on the specialty 05.15.02 – Underground Mining (2015) and received the academic degree of Professor of Underground Mining (2017). 

 His scientific direction: problems of underground mining of ore raw materials and related mineral deposits with application of the rock pressure energy.

 He completed fellowship at the Mongolian University of Science and Technology with a grant from the State Uranium Energy Company “Mon-Atom” (2013). As well as in AGH University of Science and Technology (Krakow) and Wroclaw Polytechnic University with a grant from Research and Production Association “Geobit-Pangea” (2017). 

 He teaches following disciplines: “Design of Ore Mines”, “Methodology of Scientific Research in Mining”.

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Contacts: 19 Yavornytskoho Ave., building 4, room 60, tel.:  (0562)47-23-26,

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