Kuzmenko     Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Academician of the Engineering Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, corresponding member of Academy of Mining Sciences of Ukraine, Laureate of the State Award in the sphere of Science and Technology of Ukraine.

    At present he is a deputy of the first vice rector on a voluntary basis, the head of the scientific-methodological council of the university.

    In 1972 graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute named after Artem by the specialty of "Technology and Mechanization of Ores Underground Mining". Professional qualification – "Mining engineer". O. Kuzmenko has served as officer in tank troops of the former Soviet Army. He has been working in the university since 1974.

    In 1986, finished courses of French language in Kyiv State University named after T. Shevchenko. He has undergone a training design in the University of Paul Valerie in Montpellier, France. After he had been delivering lectures in on special disciplines on mineral mining in Annabah University (Annabah, Algeria).

     In 2011 together with the co-workers of DTEK company received the State Award in the sphere of science and technology of Ukraine for the project "Modern technologies of complex coal deposits mining in Ukraine under geological-mining conditions of thin and very thin seams development".

     For some period O. Kuzmenko has been a director deputy, head of the education component of the scientific-education center "Stability of Geomechanical Systems: processes, phenomena, risks", created together with the Fund of civil studies and development of the USA, by the National Mining University and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. O. Kuzmenko is one of the founders of the international scientific-practical conference "School of underground mining" that has been created by the Mining Department. A member of many expert commissions, editing boards both in the university and in other establishments.

     He has been delivering lectures on profile disciplines "Basics of Mining Production" and "Features of Underground Mining of Ore Deposits". O. Kuzmenko has been supervising term and diploma papers of specialists and masters.

     A Professor has been working in many councils and groups focused on the development of regulatory and methodological documents for mining education in Ukraine. He has been training doctoral and PhD students.

     O. Kuzmenko is a head of the specialized council of doctoral and PhD students theses defending in the NMU and a member of the same council in the Institute of Geotechnial mechanics named after M. Poliakov of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

     Scientific activity is the main work that provides an opportunity to apply the knowledge that has been attained in the institute and has been developed under the guidance of his Teacher – Professor O. Kolokolov together with cooperation of Professor O. Savostyanov.

     The main scientific direction are following: development of deposits under complex mining-geological conditions taking into account geodynamics of geological medium and ore deposits by the systems with solidifying backfill; complex mining-geological conditions caused by modern tectonic movements, repeated undermining of rock massif; intensification of mining operations conduction at big depths.

     Together with his co-workers his theoretical developments have gained a new scientific impulse that gives an opport unity to forecast the rock massif state in real time of deformation processes when conducting mining operations in long extraction pillars and inclined coal seams.

      Scientific trends are being developed in the following works:

-  scientific principles of development of geometrical integrated systems of technical planning of mining operations intensification;

-  geomechanical substantiation of underground coal gasification considering peculiarities of geological medium;

-  creation of technical solutions for providing collective safety of mining operations conduction in existent mining methods at large dimensions of an extraction pillar;

-  physical-technical principles of geomechanical processes modeling using energy-saving extraction technology of thin and very thin coal seams.

     Professor O. Kuzmenko is a known specialist in the sphere of coal and ore deposits mining in complex mining-geological conditions, active member of International symposia and scientific conferences devoted to various topics in mining. He is the author of more than 120 research works, normative documents and methodological developments. Among them, there are 2 textbooks, mining dictionary and 17 monographs.

    Contacts: 19 Yavornytskoho Ave., building 4, room 58

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