Bondarenko V.I. Geomechanics interaction of anchor and frame support of mine workings in a single load-carrying system: monograph / V.I. Bondarenko, Y.Y. Cherednychenko, I.A. Kovalevska, G.A. Symanovych, O.V. Vivcharenko, V.V. Fomychov. – D.: LLC «LizunoffPres», 2010. – 174 p.


  Book is devoted to mathematical modeling using modern software processes interactions frame, frame and roof-bolting of the rock mass surrounding the development working. To adequately reflect the real terms of all major elements of geomechanical system «layered array-fixing workings» are a series of steps to design and test existing laminate panel, mounting frame geometric parameters of a real lock design compliance, anchoring and between frame protection. All calcu-lations are done in full chart deformation of each element of the system. A range of studies of stress-strain state of the system at different array structure and degree of action breed debilitating factors. Also the state of the system at some variant of the truss and frame fastening, its number SCP, working forms and more. Grounded Computing multifactorial experiment and verified in terms of mine resource-saving technology of single-carrying system frame and roof bolting, characterized by self-regulation burden on individual items. Book can be useful for researchers design and research institutes of mining industry, engineering and technical personnel of mines and industrial associations, students of mining universities and faculties.