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   Scientific substantiation of methodological, technological, ecological and legal basis of useful components extraction from technogenic deposits of Ukraine

    Project goal is development of scientific bases of rational use of technogenic deposits mineral resources, taking into account economic, legal and ecological aspects of sustainable development support of Ukrainian mining regions.

    Scientific bases of production and processing of organic fuels by the complex energetic enterprises

   Project goal is creation of energetic and chemical enterprise on the basis of complex processing of organic raw materials with receiving fuel gases, thermal energy and chemical raw materials in the closed technologically adapted and ecologically safe cycle with increase of energetic efficiency of the generators working at alternative types of fuel by implementation of thermoelectric elements in the mode of generation of electrical energy in power system of the cogeneration unit.

   Substantiation of technical and technological parameters of energetic and chemical complex on the basis of borehole underground coal gasification

   Project goal is creation of complex and effective system of generation, conversion, use of an energy source and chemical by-product raw materials, received in case of energetic and chemical complex implementation on the basis of borehole underground coal gasification.

   Scientific bases development of phase transformations of technogenic and natural gas hydrates and creation of the latest technologies of their production

   Project goal is scientific bases development of gas hydrate technologies for high-speed obtaining technogenic gas hydrates from natural gas for its further storage and transportation to a customer.

    Scientific bases development of load control of supporting and security systems of reusable workings. Increase of antidust protection efficiency

   Project goal consists in increase of underground workings stability on the basis of scientific bases development of load control of supporting and security systems of reusable workings section and creation of methods and means of effective personal antidust protection of respiratory organs of miners on the basis of the accounting of cyclic process of breathing, intensity of miner dust accumulation in filtering material of respirators and cumulative action of other factors.

   Synthesis bases development of informational and geotechnical systems management processes of underground mining operations

   Project goal consists in principles development of parameters control system of mining operations on the basis of a combination of information technologies of geomechanical monitoring and operation modes control of mining equipment to ensure resource-saving and safe conditions of mining.

joomla 3wordpress
joomla 3wordpress